3 Common Pitfalls of Too Many Cybersecurity Tools

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Having the proper cybersecurity tools in place is crucial for mitigating the risk of cyberattacks. With ransomware attacks becoming more commonplace on companies of all sizes, organizations can protect their financial assets and critical data infrastructures by aligning their risk tolerance.

How To Prevent a Data Breach - Five Easy Ways to Protect Your Organization’s Data

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Cybersecurity attacks on all types of businesses continue to increase. The recent attack targeted at Colonial Pipeline resulted in quite a payday for the hackers, nearly $5 million. This kind of successful cyberattack may embolden other hackers; thus, businesses need to prepare to mitigate risk.

3 Strategies for Ransomware Prevention Directly From Our Cybersecurity Experts

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Ransomware has become commonplace in nearly every business. Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 conglomerate, no organization is immune to the dangers of ransomware.

3 Unified Communication Benefits Every Organization Must Consider

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Employees can enjoy the many advantages of hybrid work - diminished commute times, focused productivity, and savings in transportation costs. And businesses can save on IT spend, geographically expand their talent search, see improved collaboration between teams and increase revenue.

What is IT Asset Management and Why is it a Must for Growing Organizations

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IT asset management (ITAM) is a critical component of IT management and budgeting to help track and identify priority expenditures at organizations.

Ransomware Prevention Best Practices: Essential Steps for Reducing Risk in Your Organization

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Ransomware is a type of malware - but one of the most malicious strains. Ransomware works by encrypting your data; and oftentimes, the only way you can get your data back is to negotiate with your attacker for the decryption key.

Three Business Critical Reasons You Need a Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Information security tools generate a lot of data. Even a small business might generate up to 1,500 events per second. This massive influx of events can be handled by a security operations center—a dedicated security team that constantly screens logs to detect verifiable security threats.

What's the Cost of a Data Breach to Your Organization? TBConsulting

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Data breaches have become commonplace for businesses of all sizes. Frequently we read news stories involving Fortune 500 companies, or even midsize organizations, experiencing data loss, file corruption, VPN exploitation, and ransomware - leading to significant financial damages.

Key Benefits of IT Asset Management – The Story of an IT Manager Burdened by Burgeoning Assets

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Asset management is far more comprehensive than simply tracking assets; it is a holistic approach to organizational accountability and resource strategy.

How to Ensure Data Integrity, So Mission-critical Files Are Not Lost: The Story of a Scrambling IT Manager

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When you need to be absolutely, positively sure that your essential data is recoverable, validating the integrity of data is mission-critical to your business. Successful testing in test environments does not qualify as a success. Companies need clean data to operate and drive profit.

4 Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Virtual Learners

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White Paper

Using AI-Processed News Datasets to Perform Predictive Analytics

Bitvore, 2020 https://info.bitvore ... c47-dea533

How unstructured data can be aggregated into clean, normalized datasets using the help of proprietary AI techniques.

Bitvore Cellenus Sentiment Scoring

Bitvore, 2020 https://info.bitvore ... 706c438609

Using data solutions to help organizations aggregate information without manually sifting through news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, and other unstructured data sources.

The Essential Guide to Merging Instances when Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud

Isostech, 2020 https://go.isostech. ... 00907e2ab9

The guide to how organizations can consolidate instances of Atlassian tools while migrating them to a single, overarching instance in Atlassian Cloud.

Using Sentiment Analysis on Unstructured Data to Identify Emerging Risk

Bitvore, 2020 https://info.bitvore ... 5%7C694f9e

How organizations can eliminate time-consuming manual efforts associated with reviewing unstructured data sources as a means of identifying emerging risk and opportunity.

A Lender's Guide to the Paycheck Protection Program

PCFS, 2020 https://f.hubspotuse ... 06484959.1

The complete guide to how lending institutions can help small businesses navigate the PPP loan process to improve relations between lenders and businesses.

Automating Returns Variance Processing

iNymbus, 2020 https://info.inymbus ... Lang=en-us

iNymbus helps manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers create solutions to increase workplace efficiencies with the help of innovation and robotic process automation (RPA).

How to Automate Shipping Carrier Freight Claims Processing

iNymbus, 2020 https://info.inymbus ... 011520.pdf

iNymbus helps organizations decrease labor costs while minimizing revenue losses resulting from invalid and undisputed claims from shortages, returns, and chargebacks.

Case Study

Ford - American Automotive Giant teams up with 3M to Develop Respirators to Help Aid in COVID-19 Relief

AERtech, 2021 https://info.aertech.com/case-study-ford-respirators

The COVID-19 pandemic began affecting people in all walks of life. As the number of cases increased, hospitals began experiencing a heightened need for respirators and other medical devices. Ford was well positioned to provide the support and resources necessary to help.

Navistar International Truck Manufacturer Partners with AER to Develop “Cradle to Grave” Remanufacturing Program

AERtech, 2021 https://info.aertech.com/case-study-navistar

Navistar has spent years pioneering innovative techniques for the global heavy duty vehicle industry. Through their ReNEWed program— the companyhas placed increased emphasis on supporting the needs of customers via sustainable remanufacturing practices.

Christie Digital Managed Electronics Repair Service Revolutionizes Product Support Supply Chain

AERtech, 2021 https://info.aertech.com/case-study-christie-digital

When faced with the prospect of creating a significant capital investment in new model equipment while experiencing a reduced service workforce—Christie Digital identified the need to add additional support from a third-party partner.